For the second time, a solid waste municipal landfill is being proposed on North County Line Road, just outside Ridgeland city limits.

The first attempt was made and then denied due to setbacks in 2010. The group wanted to operate a landfill east of the Madison South Landfill, also located on North County Line Road and commonly known as “Little Dixie.”

Now, a new group, NCL (North County Line) Waste LLC, is proposing the same landfill. If approved the county would have three landfills making it the only county in the state with more than one. The other landfills are located in Canton and on County Line Road.

“Years ago, there was one filed for this exact same location, and there was quite an uproar, lots of public involvement in various meetings,” said Alderman-at-Large D.I. Smith.

The proposal was denied by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) unless it was altered to include a 500-foot variance. The original proposal included only a 250-foot variance.

“The DEQ permit board denied the previous application because it was submitted with a 250-foot setback around the property line. They directed it had to be a 500-foot setback,” said Smith.

Bilberry, the previous group proposing the landfill in 2010, never appealed MDEQ’s decision.

This new landfill proposes a 250-foot variance between the edge of the waste area and the NCL property line, and a 500-foot buffer zone between the waste area and the nearest residences, according to the NCL question and answer packet.

The acreage totals 166, with 77 acres of wooded area remaining around the 89-acre proposed waste site.

“There’s a huge landfill to the west that is called Little Dixie. It’s a municipal solid waste landfill and it takes garbage from 22 surrounding counties and three surrounding states,” said Smith. “The new one is immediately adjoining of the existing one.”

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