The Mayor and Board of Aldermen approved architectural review plans and gave permission to issue a building permit contingent on finalizing a few small design features.

According to Alan Hoops, director of environment and design, the restaurant will be a “nice, New Orleans-style building with balconies and hanging pots.” Hoops said the largest live oak tree on the property across the street from the Chamber of Commerce will be preserved and the restaurant built around it to add to the ambiance.

The front of the development will face the four-lane.

Half Shell was just one of a number of new projects that received approval from the city board Tuesday night.

The board also approved plans for a new Madison Medical Complex for 111 Fountains Boulevard.

Dr. Michael Manning was the applicant.

A renovation of a metal building near the end of Depot Drive that will primarily be used as office space was also granted conditional approval.

Another 84 lots in two different phases at Reunion were also approved.

The board approved a preliminary plat for Eastwick Phase II, Block “T,” which includes 59 lots.

These are located in the center of Reunion, accessible by Honours Drive, Lake Village Drive and Reunion Drive.

Twenty-five lots for Edenberg Phase II, Block “U” are also located in the center of Reunion and will be accessible from Honours Drive and Reunion Drive.