Via oxfordeagle.com

Fast-growing Oxford has infrastructure needs and Mayor-Elect Robyn Tannehill plans to do something about it.

“The city has 20,000 taxpayers serving 40,000 people and the number is growing every year,” said Tannehill, unopposed in the upcoming municipal election and expected to take office as mayor this summer. “Oxford is at a critical time.”

Tannehill, speaking to the Oxford Rotary Club, said more planning and investing in the city’s future is needed so that Oxford remains a great place to live.

“Oxford isn’t a small town anymore,” she said. “We have gotten so big, so fast. Some people don’t know their neighbors anymore.”

Tannehill said the city’s water and sewer infrastructure needs work, roads and highways need work, and the transportation system will continue to need investment. She plans to work to find dollars, even if that means finding federal funds.