Madison County supervisors recently  approved putting $1.6 million toward the maintenance of six roads.

“With Mr. Shelton (Vance) helping us find funds, I have given a list of roads that could fit into the $1.6 million,” said District 4 Supervisor David Bishop.

The money comes from Grand Gulf Nuclear receipts from last year and this year.

“Each supervisor picked a couple of roads, and some of the cities — I think just Madison — will request funding from the county,” said Dan Gaillet, county engineer.

“The plan includes $334,000 for Catlett Road; $254,000, Finney Road; $218,000, Virlilia Road; $161,987, Industrial Boulevard; $134,000, Old Agency Road; $118,000, Dave Brown Road; and $50,000 for George Washington Avenue.

The county has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Ridgeland for Old Agency Road, where the city has agreed to undertake the work for the project. Madison County will reimburse the city for the cost of the project up to a maximum of $134,000. The rest of the plan consists of $200,000 for Cobblestone subdivision and $175,000 for Hunters Pointe subdivision. Both subdivisions are in Madison, and construction costs will be matched in a 50/50 split in another MOU with the city.

The plan was approved unanimously. It can be found at