More Eyes on Linbrook’s Spec Building


The spec building at Linbrook Business Park is huge and shiny. And it is empty.

Some see its emptiness as a liability. Others see it as the promise of good things to come.

“I’m hopeful for the building,” said District 1 supervisor Jerry Wilson, “but a lot of people didn’t want it.”

“We’ve had a lot of folks look at it,” said Lincoln County Chancery Clerk Tillmon Bishop. “Quite a lot of interest in it.”

“We remain in discussion with several companies and confidentiality agreements prevent me from saying where we are in any of those discussions,” Brookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Garrick Combs said. “But I can say that since we have been able to market it, it has quadrupled the interest we have had in that space.”

“That’s four times the number of people interested in the park since we put the spec building up,” Combs said, “than we had before it was built.”

The building is 54,000 square feet, on a pad expandable to 200,000 square feet in a 12-acre lot at 702 Saints Trail in Brookhaven.  A speculative — or spec — building is a structure constructed before a tenant has been found for it.

In June 2015, when the project was moving ahead to build the spec facility, Mayor Joe Cox said, “I’m just proud that we’re going to aggressively market the Linbrook area, and work toward getting a tenant.”

Combs spearheaded the effort to team up with the industrial development company Agracel, which was set to construct a building to house a potential business on 10-20 acres of the 400-acre business park. Having a facility in place that a manufacturer or other industrial company could move into and quickly customize to their needs is huge, Combs said.

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